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Silver Work

Bronze Copper Metal Rocks & Crystals

I use recycled silver and copper to make my metal jewellery and art.  Tempering, forming, shaping and stamping the metal surface to create designs that reflect the natural elements of Dartmoor. Shapes and textures expound the wild winds and rivers, ferns and brackens, leaves, seeds, acorns/fruits, ripples on waters, tors and lichen, fungi, slow worms and snakes. 


In addition, I carefully hand collect my rocks & pebbles, fossils, crystals, ores, woods, seeds & leaves.  Pebbles & rocks contain solitary crystals or shimmer with mixed crystals, such as Bovey Shiny Ore, granite feldspars, micas & biotites.  They display contusions and intrusions from their dramatic birth and erosion scars & and some hold remains of prehistoric life such as crinnoids. 


All these earth's treasures have an ancient history. 

From creation in Dartmoor caves to be washed and released by our rivers, rainwaters and Devon oceans from coral beds to rocky tors and sand dunes. Their journeys have been long and shaped by natures' elemental forces.  Their chiselled or smooth shapes need no further stresses.  I tend to leave them as they are, natural, and gently encase them or wrap them sympathetically, to show their beauty & mystery.  Whilst some ores I incorporate their powders and chips into my silver works.

My methods form unique pieces of jewellery to be worn, touched and wondered upon.  I hope you will treasure them as I do. 

Designed and created in Dartmoor and made from Dartmoor itself.


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Silver Works

Uploading New Designs Soon


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.  I also run workshops both in class & online short courses.

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