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I create art and craft works from my small studio in Dartmoor where I live,

drawing my inspiration from the spiritual environment and natural elements around me. 

My Photography, Graphic Design & Silver/Glass Jewellery reflect the changing colours, textures and shapes of this stunning area of the world.  From the special Dartmoor geology, atmospheric mists & reflective waters, fabulous flora & fauna, down to the minute fungi, lichen, mosses & ferns. My photography aims to capture the wonderful range of precious landscapes & ecosystems existing in Devon and especially Dartmoor, displayed through ever changing light, seasons and patterns in nature. I also produce abstract Art based upon forms in nature such as leaves and raindrops.

I have a keen interest in ecology & the natural world.  My artwork has been described as “bringing often overlooked charms of nature into our homes through her photographic works and crafts”.  I am keen to protect our natural world.  Therefore, my themes sometimes explore & expose adverse anthropogenic impacts upon our precious environment & ecosystems.  I utilize my photography as a tool to log existing species and to report evidence of both threatened & invasive species. Helping in my small way to protect earth's vulnerable flora & fauna in this beautiful area of the world.

I hold a complimentary mix of skills and grounding with a degree in Environmental Geology and various qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography & Silver Jewellery.

Similarly, my creative Jewellery is mainly inspired by nature and incorporates hand gathered natural woods, crystals, rocks, stones, shells and sea glass amongst other elements.

Hand Made Items which use threads, wools, woods and metals tend to concentrate on upcycling and reusing materials and recycled metals, silver and glass. 

Thus giving them a new life & purpose. 

Ranging from jewellery, sun catchers, charms, hairsticks, wind chimes and even furniture.

The artwork displayed here is a selection which aims to reflect the natural ambiance, colours and textures of Dartmoor & Beyond.  From the dramatic landscapes and geology through to the magical woodlands with dripping lichen, interlaced by romantic rivers, streams and waterfalls.  Captured and reflected in my images and crafts so that they can be both recorded and enjoyed forever.

Currently I design items for sale here and via Dartmoor, our local Devon Family Business, as well as a few other sites/locations.

Even though I create primarily for myself, I create on commission when time allows. If you would like to talk about working together, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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