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WINE CHARM - Tree of Life 🌳

WINE CHARM - Tree of Life 🌳

Unique Design by ValerieLinda


🌳 Tree of Life Wine Charm


Looks lovely gracing any wine glass either at the bottom of the stem and for crystal glasses with a feature stem these can also sit around the top of the stem. As displayed above.

These Charms not only look Great to Dress any Glass and Table Arrangement but they sound

great tinkling upon the glasses especially during a toast. 


Provided in a small delicate Voile Keepsake Bag.


This makes a lovely gift. Can also be purchased in sets of 4 to embellish table settings.


All are hand made to order.


If needed for a wedding please contact me direct and I will advise the maximum amount I can make at short notice.


I also provide larger Bottle Charms if you would like to dress your actual champagne, wine, whiskey, gin bottles etc. as gifts.  Please see my bottle charms range.


🌳  1 x Tree Wine Glass Charm & Voile Bag : £5

🌳 4 x Tree Wine Glass Charms & Voile Bag : £15



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