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🎼 Swirl & Moss Agate CHARM :  Whisky/Champagne/Condiment/Scent Bottle CHARM

🎼 Swirl & Moss Agate CHARM : Whisky/Champagne/Condiment/Scent Bottle CHARM

Unique Design by ValerieLinda


🎼 Swirl & Moss Agate : Whisky/Champagne/Condiment/Scent Bottle CHARM - Any Larger Decanter & More


Larger Decanter Charm ;  Whisky Champagne Condiment Scent Bottle Charm


Here is our unique Metal Swirl & beautiful semi-precious Moss Agate

crystal & wood beaded charm to hang around any large bottle/decanter

Perfume/Scent Bottles and even candles to decorate as part of the gift wrap.

Clasp is easy to open & close.


* This charm can be used as a permanent reusable charm to embellish any gift of  ie : 


   Perfume :                              Scent / Aftershave Bottles

   Bathroom :                           Hand Wash & Bath Salt Decanters

    Alcahol :                                Whiskeys / Champagne +

   Cooking Decanters :         Oils & Herbs +


Even Great for that special touch to ie ;

to add to special birthday gifts.

Being detachable are able to be used wherever forever.

A great forever reminder of a special gift/occasion.


Charm provided in Voille Keepsake Bag.  Lovely as a Gift. 

*  & includes Free Postage.


All are hand made to order.


If needed for a wedding please contact me direct and I will advise the maximum amount I can make at short notice.


I also provide smaller Wine Charms if you would like to dress your actual champagne, wine, soft drinks glassses.  Please see my wine/wedding charms range.


1 Swirl & Moss Agate 🎼Charm & Voile Bag : £6.99  *


* Charm provided in Voille Keepsake Bag *  & includes Free Postage


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