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🔗 Handcuffs Freedom - Champagne Wine Charm

🔗 Handcuffs Freedom - Champagne Wine Charm

🔗 Handcuffs - Freedom Wine/Champagne Charm - Plain or Embellished with Snowflake Obisdian

                                                                                                  Other Colours & crystals available


A unique design wine charm, ordered by a customer and since has seemed popular as a wine

charm for couples uniting, hen nights/batchelors evenings, celebration dressings, engagements etc.  If you'd like different colours I will do my best to make up your choice.


Place either around Top Spine of your wine glass or bottom whichever you prefer, as displayed.


This set of 4 charms makes a lovely Gift given as an Individual charm or all 4 at once ie. as a gift

to dress a table setting.


*     I will adapt the colour scheme wherever possible to match your requirements.


->  I also provide larger Bottle Charms if you would like to dress your actual champagne, wine, whiskey, gin bottles etc. as gifts.  Please see my bottle charms range.


Provided in a lovely Filligree Organza Gift Bag.


🔗 1 Handcuffs/Freedom * Wine Glass Charm & Voile Bag    : £5

🔗 4 Handcuffs/Freedom * Wine Glass Charms & Voile Bag : £15



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