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Golden Fairy & Crystal Twinkle

Golden Fairy & Crystal Twinkle

Golden Fairy & Crystal Twinkle


Beautiful design.  Enhance you view with this unique design.  Hang in your window, home, bedroom, caravan, office, and watch the sunlight scatter through the large faceted crystal around the magical fairy.


This makes a lovely gift for yourself, a friend, wife/daughter/mother and children.


Another of my unique designs.  I have incorporated my upcycled metal curtain hoops at the top which enable you to both hook this Fairy Twinkle onto items as well as using a clear thread and stopper system designed by myself to enable you to raise or lower the Fairy / Twinkle to whatever height you prefer.  The chandalier crystals are also upcycled and given a 2nd life within this very special twinkle.


As with other items, if you would like this pre-wrapped and posted to a third party as a gift, please add my "Gift Wrap Service" to your order with note/email me. 


Provided in a Filigree Organza Gift Bag.

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